Monday, February 21, 2011

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Last week many people witnessed one of the insane and electrifying live performances in a long, long time on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Tyler, The Creator and his hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All have been on the underground scene for a while, but this performance automatically broke them from their perverted stank basement, where they probably prefer to be. I first heard of Tyler and Odd Future through Pitchforkmedia, but never really listened to them properly, it was the intensity and visual creativity that caught my attention on Jimmy Fallon and I'm clearly not the only one. Their aggression was welcomed by the audience and now we just have to see if they can stomach the violent and misogynistic lyrics on Tyler's Bastard or upcoming album Goblin set to be released on XL in April I believe.

The mise en scene they created for stage was fantastically bizarre: zombie girl, gnomb, huge trombone, i think some guy just texting and laughing and just their hyper-active presence (when the chorus WOLF GANG!!! WOLF GANG!!! kicks in they went berserk. Not since the Wu Tang Clan in the early nineties, has such an innovative and original hip-hop act crossed over to the mainstream when they really shouldn't be allowed to. Its like a prison break.

Here is Tyler, The Creator's new single Yonkers:

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